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Credit: Sony As the global coronavirus pandemic continues to shake up our way of life, Sony has made an important decision regarding how it will approach making a dent in the current crisis. In Europe, Sony is now slowing game download speeds, according to a statement posted to the official PlayStation Blog President and CEO Jim Ryan[...]
TwitchCon Amsterdam Canceled Due To Coronavirus Issues
Next up on the chopping block due to the coronavirus is TwitchCon Amsterdam, which is essentially the official version of the event for all of Europe The event was set to take place from May 2-3, but after all the coronavirus issues happening now in Europe, the company decided to shut it down and issued[...]
PlayStation Plus Prices Are Getting An Increase In Europe and Asia
If you happen to be a PlayStation Plus member in Europe or Asia, be aware, Sony is going to be implementing a price increase soon The news comes from this forum post on PSN Profiles making its way around to several different websites, in which Sony has started alerting people in multiple countries that their[...]
Comic Book Creators Wake Up To Brexit
The United Kingdom (well, most of it) has voted to leave the European Union Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that he will be resigning The pound has crashed through the floor And people are waking up to a very different country. Brexit I'm an immigrant in the US[...]
MCM Comic Con To Launch Shows In Germany And Belgium
I remember once thinking that European shows like Angloeme, Lucca and Barcelona could teach British comic book conventions a thing or two But it seems the traffic is travelling in the opposite direction. MCM, Britain's largest and most popular comic book convention organisers by far, are spreading their wings to mainland Europe with MCM-branded shows in[...]
Stan Lee's Last Trip To Europe – The London Film And Comic Con
But this is billed as his final European appearance, ever. The show states; After decades of meeting his fans, he has finally decided that long distance travel is to be left to the likes of Iron Man, who can do it far faster and look a little more awesome when doing so! And thanks to the world[...]