Comic Book Creators Wake Up To Brexit


The United Kingdom (well, most of it) has voted to leave the European Union. Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that he will be resigning. The pound has crashed through the floor. And people are waking up to a very different country.

Warren Ellis stayed up until 5am, tweeting as the results came in.

Judging the country, region by region.

People all over the place had opinions. And reactions.

Brexit supporters celebrate their victory.

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But there was one person the world turned to for understanding in such an event….

Looks like he's not moving to Canada anymore folks! Not until Scotland votes Yes next year and rejoins the European Union of course.

My own take? It'll be bad but nowhere near as bad as some will predict. Britain doesn't have a written constitution so no referendum is binding in the way Americans define, but no government will defy the will of the people so firmly expressed. Scotland may well have an impetus to leave the United Kingdom – but if they joined the EU now, they would have to take the Euro which will put many off, especially from a position of crashing pound sterling, and also take into account falling oil prices. But, you know, now so does London. Comic books in Britain will be more expensive, comic book creators pay packets will be a little fuller but most importantly, for everything that does go wrong, we'll all be able to blame Mark Millar.

You know, even more than we do already.

Say, did you know that Donald Trump is visiting Britain today? That will go well…

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