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This time around, we have a pair of Torchwood-related updates from series star Eve Myles Earlier this week, social media was buzzing about a potential rift between Myles and co-star John Barrowman It began after Barrowman appeared to be accusing Myles of "spewing rhetoric" on Twitter in response to an old video that a fan[...]
Torchwood: Children of Earth Supercut is Still Shockingly Relevant
Gwen (Eve Myles) becoming more of a badass than ever Her husband Rhy's (Kai Owen) ongoing jealousy at her attachment to Jack Jack trying to be like The Doctor by confronting enemies without a plan and failing, which gets Ianto killed The horror of the aliens' real agenda for taking Earth's children Jack sacrificing his[...]
As you do. There's the best episode of the first season where they brought back Suzie Costello (Indira Varma), the traitorous Torchwood agent from the pilot who killed herself. There's Gwen Cooper's (Eve Myles) life unravelling as she got addicted to the job as a Torchwood investigator. BBC/AMC Networks A Fun But Flawed Show The show wasn't always good, but[...]
Broadchurch Sets Air Date And Releases Trailer
Adding to the cast are Charlotte Rampling, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Eve Myles and James D'Arcy The series will pick up right from where the first season left off. The second season of Broadchurch airs January 5th. The ITV series Broadchurch is getting ready for its second season while the American version of the series, Gracepoint, reveals the killer of[...]