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Sumo Digital has Bought The Chinese Room – Game in More Traditional Genre Coming
It's been announced that Sumo Digital has bought Dear Esther and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture developer The Chinese Room. While they are often divisive, I have a genuine fondness for a good "Walking Simulator" Not many do them better than the Chinese Room either Their work on Dear Esther, Amnesia 2: A Machine for Pigs[...]
The chinese room
If you are subscribed to the service, you will get these for free next month. The month is headlined by the FPX Everybody's Gone to the Rapture If you were weary of dropping money on a 'walking simulator', but were interested in the title, now you can pick it up for nada It's well worth it[...]
Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Is Coming To PC
I really did enjoy Everybody's Gone To The Rapture It's very FPX-ish, but it tells an eloquent, and light story It really is quite gorgeous too. Well, for those of you who have been interested, but only have a PC, it's now been confirmed that the game is coming to the platform finally In a tweet,[...]
Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Gets A Lot Of Love In BAFTA Games Nominations
Everybody's Gone To The Rapture has come away with 10 nominations, including Best Game, Best Music, Artistic Achievement and Game Innovation After that Her Story and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt received 7 nominations, and after that Batman: Arkham Knight, Life is Strange and Rocket League got 5 nominations each. Here is a full list of nominations. The awards will[...]
Bleeding Cool's Game Of The Year Selection: #35-#18
It's a short journey, yet something well worth experiencing from start to finish. #18: Everybody's Gone To The Rapture While some despise FPXs (otherwise known less affectionately as walking simulators) and they certainly aren't for everyone, it's a genre I've really come to appreciate They allow creators to really pair environment and storytelling in ways few other[...]
Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Coming To PS4 In August
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture has my curiosity The game is coming from The Chinese Room, the developer behind Dear Esther and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs Those two titles have proven to be quite controversial, as they feature minimal gameplay, but they have fantastic stories that caught me when I played them. Their new game[...]