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Max Brooks Confirms Extinction Parade TV Deal On The Way

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool broke the news that World War Z writer Max Brooks' comic series, Extinction Parade, was going through the process of becoming a TV series. Then someone had the bright idea of asking Max. In French. Here's a re-translation, from Francois Leger's piece for  Reviewer.fr. Are you really negotiating to adapt The Extinction […]

Max Brooks' Extinction Parade To Be A New Vampire/Zombie TV Series?

I understand that Max Brooks' series for Avatar Press, Extinction Parade, is currently in the process of being signed as a TV series for one of the most successful production companies in Hollywood. After the success of World War Z, Max Brooks' various zombie and now vampire comics and books have received a lot of extra-media […]

Avatar Press Wants To Know If You're Ready For The New York Comic Con

Are you ready for the biggest convention on the East Coast? Its just a few days away. Do you have your badges? Because they are sold out. Do you have your list of exclusives you want to get? If the answer to that is yes… great, we'll see you there. If the answer is no… […]

Max Brooks' Extinction Parade #1 Burns Through 25,000 Copies

Last week, Avatar Press published Extinction Parade #1, written by Max Brooks. He also had a film out. Reorders were high, and thankfully Avatar seems to have printed lots rather than go straight to a second printing. Though they still may have to, of sorts. William Christensen, publisher of Avatar Press and Bleeding Cool told […]

Max Brooks Does Twilight In Extinction Parade #1

In Max Brooks new zombie/vampire comic Extinction Parade, published today, he gives us a very quick history of vampires. Starting with the classic Bram Stoker-as-seen-by-Hollywood version, a quick flurry with the Interview With A Vampire type and then… TWilight. He promises that the vampires in Extinction Parade don't glow.

BC Mag #4: Love, Hate, And The Pull List

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rich Johnston If you are reading this magazine, you must love comics. And one of the things about this hobby that makes it unique and fulfilling is the sense of excitement each new month brings. It is akin to the start of a new baseball or football season, when it […]

BC Mag #4: Max Brooks Redefines Zombies Vs Vampires

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by James Kuhoric Everyone is afraid of something. Whether it is the IRS, clowns, zombies, or IRS clown zombies, there is something picked up from life [usually childhood] that sticks with you in the dark recesses of your mind. Some fans seek out that dark place and indulge in actively taunting […]

Avatar To Publish Max Brooks' Extinction Parade In June

Avatar Press have published a number of Max Brooks' zombie projects to date, such as The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks. And now they are taking on a new comic series inspired by  his short story, Extinction Parade. Brooks is writing the comic himself, in eleven issues, with art from current Crossed Badlands artist, Raulo Caceres. […]