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Caliban, Uber, Extinction Parade And God Is Dead Variants For Calgary Comic Con
Bleeding Cool's publisher Avatar Press had a bunch of exclusive variant covers for next week's Calgary Comic Con… and Max Brooks, Kieron Gillen and Mike Costa on hand to sell them! Caliban #1 Final Frontier – $4 –  Limited to 1500 copies. Kieron Gillen Signables Uber Special #1 Grim Reaper – $10 – Limited to 500 copies. Uber #10[...]
Max Brooks On Our 'Anxiety-Ridden Decade' of Zombies At London Super Comic Con
At the London Super Comic Con on Saturday Avatar Press hosted a spotlight panel with the author of World War Z, Extinction Parade and the upcoming graphic novel Harlem Hellfighters from Avatar Press: Max Brooks The packed audience was mesmerised by his showmanship, and Bleeding Cool's Tom Huxley was among them… Brooks gets the ball rolling[...]
Extinction Parade Volume One Is Coming… Are You Ready For The Zombie Hoardes?
Max Brooks of World War Z fame, and Raulo Carceres have crafted a comic in Extinction Parade from Avatar Press that turns the vampire and zombie genres on their head by melding them and leaving the two to fight it out Which will survive? The premise of Extinction Parade, that vampires have become so powerful and[...]
Forty-Five Thoughts About Forty-Five Comics – Justice League, New Warriors, Harley Quinn, Quantum & Woody, Amazing X-Men, Batwoman, Animal Man, Terminator, BPRD, Conan, God Is Dead, Extinction Parade, GI Joe, Daredevil, Captain America, Uncanny X-Men, Avengers World, Unity, Bloodshot And The Hard Corps, Curse, Dawn Of The Jedi, White Suits, Strain, Vader, DHP, Skyman, Bad Ass, Kings Watch, Voice In The Dark, Midas Flesh, Adventure Time, Robocop, Loki, Joyners 3D, Morning Glories, Alex + Ada, Peter Panzerfaust, Undertow, Savage Dragon, Khan, Jericho, Godzilla, Real American Hero, Ben 10 and TMNT Conspiracy
Thank you Max Brooks for today's Extinction Parade Of course some people just won't see it that way. Such as the folks at Curse #2 You know that will come back to bit them… on the neck…. All I asked you was if you wanted to have a cup of coffee, Dawn Of Jedi #4. You know, the[...]
Max Brooks Confirms Extinction Parade TV Deal On The Way
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool broke the news that World War Z writer Max Brooks' comic series, Extinction Parade, was going through the process of becoming a TV series. Then someone had the bright idea of asking Max In French. Here's a re-translation, from Francois Leger's piece for  Reviewer.fr. Are you really negotiating to adapt The Extinction Parade on TV[...]
Max Brooks' Extinction Parade To Be A New Vampire/Zombie TV Series?
I understand that Max Brooks' series for Avatar Press, Extinction Parade, is currently in the process of being signed as a TV series for one of the most successful production companies in Hollywood. After the success of World War Z, Max Brooks' various zombie and now vampire comics and books have received a lot of extra-media attention,[...]
Avatar Press Wants To Know If You're Ready For The New York Comic Con
$9.99 Uber is no stranger to horror, and this haunting cover will be the perfect addition to any collection.  Limited to just 1000 copies!   Extinction Parade #1 Army of the Bloodlines – Blast Set of 3 – Limited to 1000 sets $30.00 Max Brooks' Extinction Parade shows the evolution of violence in this exclusive NYCC set of 3[...]
Avatar Press' Exclusive San Diego Comic Con Covers And T-Shirt: Absolution: Rubicon, Crossed, Skin Trade, Uber, Extinction Parade
Limited to 1000 copies.   Uber #1 It Ends $10.00 Product Description – The casualties mount as the tides of war turn against the Allies.  Limited to 1000 copies.   Uber #2 She-Wolf $10.00 Product Description – An Homage to the classic SS film, this time staring Sieglinde!  Limited to 1250 copies.   Extinction Parade #1 Gold Leather $75.00 Product Description – The most limited edition Extinction Parade #1 Leather[...]
Max Brooks' Extinction Parade #1 Burns Through 25,000 Copies
Last week, Avatar Press published Extinction Parade #1, written by Max Brooks He also had a film out Reorders were high, and thankfully Avatar seems to have printed lots rather than go straight to a second printing Though they still may have to, of sorts. William Christensen, publisher of Avatar Press and Bleeding Cool told me; I'm[...]
Max Brooks Does Twilight In Extinction Parade #1
In Max Brooks new zombie/vampire comic Extinction Parade, published today, he gives us a very quick history of vampires Starting with the classic Bram Stoker-as-seen-by-Hollywood version, a quick flurry with the Interview With A Vampire type and then… TWilight. He promises that the vampires in Extinction Parade don't glow. In Max Brooks new zombie/vampire comic Extinction[...]