The Fake Darwyn Cooke Original Art Scams Have Begun (UPDATE)

This is an original sketch by Darwyn Cooke, who died three days ago, from cancer. The artwork is, naturally, spectacular. The crisp, minimal, perfectly judged and weighted lines… unmistakeable. And this is a trace job being sold as a Darwyn Cooke original on eBay, current for $91 with 19 bids and 4 hours to go.   And this […]

'Fake' Calvin & Hobbes Strip Sells For Over $14,000 On eBay

Bill Watterson brought Calvin & Hobbes to an end, on New Year's Eve 1995. Awww… But there were rumours of a final unpublished strip. Which appeared in a number of forms. And it's a version of that one that recently popped up on eBay.   Supposedly signed by Bill Watterson, though all eyes on the […]

Now We Get Charlie Adlard Faked Sketches With Forged Certificates Of Authenticity

We've covered the story of the sketch scammers of Detroit, who fakes a seris of sketches from Fiona Staples, Robert Kirkman, Rob Guillory and Norm Breyfogle, as well as signed products, backed them up with forged Certificates Of Authenticity and either sold them or traded them for high value items that they could then sell[...]

Now We Have Fake Robert Kirkman Sketches On eBay With Fake Certificates

This is not a Robert Kirkman sketch of a zombie.Neither is this.And neither is this a certificate of authenticity from Meltdown Comics.Another fake, just like the Rob Guillory Chew fake earlier today That one was ended, will this?This is not a Robert Kirkman sketch of a zombie.Neither is this.And neither is this a certificate[...]

Fake Brendan McCarthy Paradax Art On eBay

Wonder who's behind it? The seller writes; In what way is it fake? The piece is signed as pictured, it came to me from a close friend, I have no reason to doubt it's authenticity. I am a comic book artist of 20 years plus which adds to my belief! How sure is he, and for why? Checking with[...]

Has Paranormal Activity's Oren Peli Just Outed Catfish As A Fake?

A great many people don't believe, however, that the film is in fact a documentary, but instead a fake.Most of them agree it would be at least a clever fake.I can tell you that I was always suspicious, though never could make up my mind conclusively - could they really be so bold? Perhaps I'm[...]

Josh Hoopes Scam Artist Returns, This Time Using Stephen Colbert

I ran a sting operation and forced a confession out of him, before he went silent again.A brief reappearance as the Fake Art Adams recently indicated something was up And it looks like he's back to his old ways.This time he is using the identity Ron Runstrom and answering  posts looking for creators with the[...]