Fake Brendan McCarthy Paradax Art On eBay

Fake Brendan McCarthy Paradax Art On eBay

Found on eBay

Brendan McCarthy:
"I really put my greatest effort into making sure that the Paradax comic was going to look amazing. It's a great personal favourite of mine. Paradax 1 and Strange Days 2 I think aresome of my best works."

Paradax first appeared in the three issues of Strange Days (1984-1985).

This is an increadibly RARE item. An original piece of art measuring 16 1/2 x 12 1/2 inches by one of Britain's most influential and sort after artists. Brush and pen on bristol board, with Ziptone. Artwork is in clean and excellent condition. Signed by McCarthy 1987. The quality of brush and pen work on this piece is beautiful, for those interested in such things! Increadibly RARE item!!!

Only problem is… it's not Brendan McCarthy's work. He tells Bleeding Cool;

Not a bad attempt. Wonder who's behind it?

The seller writes;

In what way is it fake? The piece is signed as pictured, it came to me from a close friend, I have no reason to doubt it's authenticity.
I am a comic book artist of 20 years plus which adds to my belief! How sure is he, and for why?

Checking with Brendan that it's not some kind of misrememberance syndrome, he tells us;

Strange as it may seem, I know my own art. To an untrained eye, superficially it looks convincing. I certainly know the pictures it was copied from…. it's a scam.

An odd choice for a scam, but there you have it. Fake.

UPDATE: The seller writes;

"I placed this on eBay thinking it was 100% genuine. It's a really good copy as it turns out. After contact with Brendan McCarthy I've been assured it's a fake and have removed it from sale. I may burn it! The comment I made that was quoted was to a friend of Brendan's who first told me it might be fake, and I stress might, at that point. I waited to get confirmation from Mr McCarthy, who I consider a British
comic book God, and then ended the sale. Both Brendan and I have been scammed. I'm shocked this made it onto Bleeding cool and hope folk out there realise I wasn't trying to scam anyone."

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