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Ernest Cline – Talking To A Fanboy At WonderCon
Ray Brown talked to Ernest Cline at WonderCon for Bleeding Cool. Ernest Cline, the screenwriter of the movie Fanboys and author of the bestselling novel Ready Player One, is a special guest of the Con and appeared Saturday in a spotlight panel to discuss himself and his work. Regarding Fanboys, Cline said the movie that got released is[...]
San Diego Comic Con Gets Zombified In Sam Humphries' Fanboys Vs Zombies
But before writing about Mayan sacrifice and man-on-dog sex, he wrote Fraggle Rock comics. Quite a jump. And in April he's writing a new ongoing series for Boom!, Fanboys Vs Zombies, drawn by Jerry Gaylord Humberto Ramos draws the cover for the first issue, costing just a dollar Here's the solicitation text. One is a decrepit mob of[...]