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Far Sector #10 Review: One Of The Best Books On The Stands
It all began, so many moons ago, with a murder mystery in a city of twenty billion residents, all "permanently infected with a biocybernetic virus called The Emotion Exploit, which keeps their emotions suppressed." Far Sector #10 and this dazzling, sweeping, intimate saga has come so far from that and remains one of the best[...]
Far Sector #9 Review: One Of The Best Things On The Stands
Strap in because you're in for a deep dive sci fi ride Far Sector #9 is not like anything else on the stands Jo Muellin is a military veteran and defrocked cop who fought the system, now way, way out of her comfort zone as the only Green Lantern with an experimental ring and a[...]
Far Sector #7 Review: Some Of The Best Sci-Fi Available
In a "show up and show out" performance, Far Sector #7 pulls out all the stops and nails every single plot point, every character nuance, and every fleeting glance The facts are these: military veteran and defrocked cop Sojourner Muellin has accepted an experimental Green Lantern ring and an assignment way, way, way out past[...]
Far Sector #6 Review:
When taken as a whole, this series Far Sector is perhaps the boldest, freshest set of ideas DC Comics has seen since Grant Morrison was on JLA or Vertigo was at its height A beleaguered human police officer has been offered a prototype power ring and sent beyond the traditional sectors and domains of the[...]
Far Sector #5
RATING: BUY. FAR SECTOR #5 written by N.K JEMISIN art and cover by JAMAL CAMPBELL The mysteries of Sojourner "Jo" Mullein's origins and her recruitment into the Green Lantern Corps are finally revealed Meanwhile, Jo's attempt to "follow the money" is complicated when she discovers the City Enduring's form of cryptocurrency is mined by an underclass of artificial lifeforms. [...]
DC Comics' Far Sector #1 Selling for $13 on eBay - is This 5G?
Far Sector #1 is the new DC Comics Green Lantern series coming from Gerard Way's not-an-imprint Young Animal by N.K Jemisin and Jamal Campbell. Bleeding Cool has also reported that we heard a well-sourced rumour that Sojourner "Jo" Mullein may be the new regular Green Lantern, replacing Hal Jordan in 2021 when the current The Green[...]
Gerard Way's Young Animal Returns in July with Doom Patrol and 2 New Series
And finally, coming out some unspecified time in 2019 is Far Sector by fantasy and sci-fi author N.K Jemisin and artist Jamal Campbell. Check out DC's press release below for more details: DC's Young Animal is returning this July with the next chapter of its flagship title, plus two new, innovative stories The pop-up imprint curated by[...]