Far Sector #7 Review: Some Of The Best Sci-Fi Available

Far Sector #7
Another masterpiece issue as Jo Muellin leaves it all on the floor — and in the code — with an issue that pulls out all the stops.

In a "show up and show out" performance, Far Sector #7 pulls out all the stops and nails every single plot point, every character nuance, and every fleeting glance. The facts are these: military veteran and defrocked cop Sojourner Muellin has accepted an experimental Green Lantern ring and an assignment way, way, way out past the 3600 sectors the Lanterns usually patrol. In this post-scarcity society, she's befriended someone who still manages to be relatively poor and tried to learn how to operate in a society resisting the threat of emotion.

Far Sector #7 Review: Some Of The Best Sci-Fi Available
The cover of Far Sector #7. Credit: DC Comics


In the opening scene, Muellin goes toe-to-toe with multiple adversaries using gigantic armored suits in some really dazzling action scenes. This leads to a horrifying realization, a relentlessly informative flashback, and a chase probably unlike anything that has been shown in comics, reimagining the cyberpunk genre along the way. To say that writer N.K. Jemisin is creating a masterpiece would almost be an understatement at this point. Her script pivots from frenetic fighting to an emotional discussion to a fresh new look at cyberspace without missing a beat.
All of that is equaled in excellence by Jamal Campbell and Deron Bennett, who each make major contributions. The focus of will is well shown by the subtlety with which Bennett uses in one key panel ("I should have asked for a raise") and, as noted, with giant mecha fighting and a fresh envisioning of a digital landscape … just wow. This is some of the best sci-fi available in comics today.

Save some space for Phil LaMarr — who also knows something about Black Green Lanterns — to talk about Far Sector #7 at next year's Eisners. RATING: BUY.

Far Sector #7

By N.K. Jemisin, Jamal Campbell
On today's agenda: a giant mech fight, transforming her consciousness into digital information, and a high-speed pursuit through an alien computer network. All with six minutes of power left. But it's all in a day's work for Green Lantern Jo Mullein as she comes closer to unraveling the greatest conspiracy the Green Lantern Corps has ever seen. Far Sector continues on a new bimonthly schedule.

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