REVIEW: Far Sector #5 — "Fascinating And Invites Rereading"

(DC Comics, creative team: NK Jemisin, Jamal Campbell, Deron Bennett)

This issue takes a deep dive into the lead character Sojourner "Jo" Muellin by both examining how a Princeton-educated veteran and former beat cop ended up beyond everything she ever imagined. Jemisin's script does a fantastic job with every moment Muellin is on panel, from her anxiety about flying to her discovery of a new food. What's of particular interest, however, is the moment her world became more cosmic: the Guardians of the Galaxy had a problem so alien, so unexpected, they needed a completely different approach and could not entrust it to the other six minions they had from the same world nor any of more than seven thousand other servitors they have at their command. That in and of itself is interesting, but the title character's response is as curious: frustrated by humanity's inhumanity to each other, losing everything she worked for to base nepotism and corruption, she accepts power only to take it away from everything that stymied her. Is she running from the ruin of her own life, or from taking her newfound power to deal with the issues that have haunted her like a shadow for decades? With all that going on, an organized resistance to the entrenched alien power is better informed than they should be as more evidence shows that three disparate cultures trying to suppress emotions like Vulcan develops inevitable malcontents sniping at its heels. Campbell and Bennett take all this rich, engaging information and depict it in dreamy colors and fresh angles, realizing a completely alien experience through a down-to-earth lens. This work is fascinating and invites rereading like a comfy old chair, always offering something. RATING: BUY.

Far Sector #5FAR SECTOR #5
written by N.K. JEMISIN
art and cover by JAMAL CAMPBELL
The mysteries of Sojourner "Jo" Mullein's origins and her recruitment into the Green Lantern Corps are finally revealed. Meanwhile, Jo's attempt to "follow the money" is complicated when she discovers the City Enduring's form of cryptocurrency is mined by an underclass of artificial lifeforms.

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