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New Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker Surprises 'Her Universe' Fashion Show at SDCC
I blame Beyonce. Well, at the geek fashion brand Her Universe fashion show at San Diego Comic-Con this evening, forty minutes into the show, the audience was told that there was 'one more model who didn't get to present in the opening segment So we wanted to give her a chance to walk the catwalk'. And in she came,[...]
Her Universe fashion show
The Her Universe Fashion Show is returning to San Diego Comic-Con in 2018, and as of today, the submissions window is open for hopeful designers. Her Universe founder and CEO Ashley Eckstein (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) began her fashion show at SDCC 2014, aiming to bring geek chic to the world of couture fashion (They were[...]
Her Universe fashion show
 I still wear everything I bought from that first line. Eckstein took her ideas a step further in the following years, starting a fashion show at the San Diego Comic Con open to all designers from across the globe  At the same time, this is also where things start to get a bit convoluted, because Ashley[...]