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Because I still fondly remember all the abuse I got from comic shop retailers when I priced FELL at $1.99 You people claim you have long memories, but mine's longer." Well, Warren, we can't give you the original document, but we can look at a summary, quotation and collation of how it was at an earlier[...]
Ellis Tells Us The Fell #10 Script Is Done, But…
In his new newsletter Orbital Operations, Warren Ellis caught his fans up on some of his current projects including the long waited for next issue of Fell with Ben Templesmith. FAQ: Ben's had the FELL #10 script for a couple of years, but his life is massively busy and complicated I know he's broken ground on[...]
Captured Ghosts, Warren Ellis And The Return Of Fell
Yesterday, as part of the Comica 2011 Festival in the City of London, comedian and actor Lenny Henry took to the stage to interview Warren Ellis, before the UK premiere of the documentary about his life, Captured Ghosts. Lenny appears in the film, along with the likes of Bruce Serling, Matt Fraction, Helen Mirren, Joe Quesada,[...]
Ben Templesmith Draws New Issue Of Fell – Live!
Fell, the satirical police procedural comic by Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith, has been on hiatus for a few years now But it might be on the way back. Last night, in association with Isotope (Bleeding Cool nominee for Comic Shop Least Likely To Be Mistaken For Android's Dungeon) at the Noise Pop Culture Club in[...]