Warren Ellis And Ben Templesmith To Complete 'Fell' At Image Comics

On Ben Templesmith's Patreon and Instagram, he posted the following news, that he was going to be finishing the Eisner Award-winning comic book series written by Warren Ellis and published by Image Comics, Fell, thirteen years after it was last published.

Warren Ellis And Ben Templesmith To Complete 'Fell' At Image Comics

FELL is finally going to be finished. Ok, it's finally happening. For better or worse, this is unfinished business to me. We really left it hanging. Obviously, so much has changed since those days. Yes, I know, *so much*. Not for me to speak for Warren, but I agreed to do the book and I'm glad he's going to be doing some comics again. I don't think anyone thought he'd bugger off and work in a shoe factory or anything. He is after all, one of the most important comics writers of the past few decades. It means a lot to me to finish this thing, finally, so I couldn't say no. I guess we'll let the market speak as to how things go. We're pretty much past the old concept of $1.99 comics, sadly, these days, so from what I know this will be a single volume work. And I hope I'm not speaking out of place by saying yes, it'll still be through Image. Warren got me some script, so I'm starting on pages now. So in addition to the other projects I'm working on, SQUIDSPIT, HAIR OF THE DOG, URNAKK BLACK BLOOD and the HE-BROS OF THE UNIVERSE thing, the Squid Army patreon is going to be privy to a bunch of my process work on all the pages. As always, Hail Squid and all that.

Templesmith didn't mention the elephant in that room, that it is currently one year after multiple allegations of sexual harassment and grooming by women and non-binary individuals were made against the writer Warren Ellis, with dozens of accounts gathered together a month later on the So Many Of Us website. While the website specifically stated that there was no wish to see Ellis punished, Ellis did withdraw from a number of creative projects, including a new Batman series with Declan Shalvey. DC Comics continued to publish his Batman: The Grave series, drawn by Bryan Hitch. But aside from a teased return of a newsletter, Ellis has not returned to new work since.

Fell was a repeat Eisner Award-winning crime series comic by Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith, first published by Image Comics in 2005, sporadically since then and on hiatus since January 2008 and the publication of issue 9. There are were a planned further seven issues, one of which was written back in 2011. It tells the story of homicide detective Richard Fell, transferred from his old post across the bridge to Snowtown, a city rife with urban decay of America's worst inner cities and the poverty of a third-world country, described as a "feral city." With nuns who wear Nixon masks and spraypainting of giant crossed-out S signs, indicating S -No Town, and acting as a form of protective magic. The place might also be hell.

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