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Bath Bomb Tardis
No really, I tried a Tardis bath bomb today from Femme Fandom Fix. I've been enjoying FFF's stuff for a while now and had recently covered both their Death Star soap and their coffin bath bomb I loved them both equally, so I came in with high expectations According to their website: The Exploding TARDIS – this[...]
Wash Off Your Demons With Femme Fandom Fix!
Femme Fandom Fix–whom I currently am in love with–makes some nerdy and spooky bath bombs Since it is the season of all things spooky, I gave their Wash Off Your Demons bomb a try. The bath bomb is seasonally appropriate as it is in the shape of a coffin Each one comes with a skeleton (either[...]
That's No Soap! Death Star Soap From Femme Fandom Fix
So when I came across Femme Fandom Fix, I knew what I had to do And that was get some of these amazing items in my home I gravitated immediately to the Death Star soap, and for good reason Just look at it! The soap lathers up really well, and it's made with shea butter, so[...]