Nerd Home: The Tardis Bath Bomb From Femme Fandom Fix

Here's your typical "it's bigger on the inside" joke. Anyway. Welcome back to another Nerd Home post! If you're a fan of Dr. Who, this post is for you. No really, I tried a Tardis bath bomb today from Femme Fandom Fix.

Nerd Home: The Tardis Bath Bomb From Femme Fandom Fix

I've been enjoying FFF's stuff for a while now and had recently covered both their Death Star soap and their coffin bath bomb. I loved them both equally, so I came in with high expectations. According to their website:

The Exploding TARDIS – this baby has an exotic, intoxicating musky scent and explodes blue and yellow in the tub! It's about the size of two of our regular bath bombs, so for $10 it's a steal! Like all our bath bombs, it's made with skin softening jojoba oil as well as Epsom salts and Dead Sea salts for tired muscles from going all wibbly wobbly timey wimey! Allons-y to the TUBDIS!

And man, it looks beautiful when it explodes!

The bath turns a deep green color once everything melts, giving off some serious Black Lagoon vibes. I'm just getting over a nasty cold, so my muscles were still very sore. This is exactly what I needed. It's been a little over an hour, and I'm still relaxed. Plus, even my eczema softened up from it. I can't suggest these products enough, they've all been excellent. Allons-y indeed!


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