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Avatar Plug of the Week: Ferals #10
Ferals #10 arrives in stores today, offering sex, violence and crime in a supernatural way only David Lapham can deliver! Dale Chesnutt is playing a dangerous game.  Hiding in plain sight in the Feral community he discovers an ancient Viking that is preparing for war.  With a pack of smart and vicious Feral Wolves trying to[...]
Avatar Plug of the Week – DAN THE UNHARMABLE #6 Sneak Preview
Think you are having a bad day? Why don't you try to escape from a den of sycophantic lunatics with a "scroticular claw" clamped over your manjigglies and a trio of underage girls calling you daddy? Not so funny now is it? The first story arc of crime-writing legend David Lapham (Stray Bullets, Ferals) comes to an amazing over-the-top[...]
Avatar Plug of the Week: Ferals #9 Preview
David Lapham and Gabriel Andrade continue their Sopranos-meets-Werewolves story of sex, violence and the supernatural in Ferals #8, available today at your local comic shop! Dale Chesnutt and his new partner, Pia, are trying to settle into their new undercover lives But living in a town that appears to have many other Ferals is a dangerous[...]
Advance Look: Covers December 2012
In this post of Advance Look, we take a sneak peek at Avatar Press covers for December 2012 – shown here before anywhere else! Covered here: CALIGULA: HEART OF ROME #1 (Regular, Wrap and Gore covers) – The sequel to David Lapham's smash reimagining of the classic story of lust and power starts here FERALS VOLUME 1 (Tarde[...]
Fourteen Thoughts About Fourteen Comics – Locke & Key, FF, Minutemen, Crossed, Gambit, Ferals, Mudman, Phantom Lady And Doll Man, Wolverine & The X-Men, The New Deadwardians, Ultimate X-Men, AVX Versus, JIM, Morning Glories
Supercrooks and SCAM doe sthis better.   Ferals takes the male/female law enforcement double act, has them splitting up according to stereotype and then wrenches those stereotypes forward, the macho bullshit extended to ludicrous, visceral, violent degrees, while the gossipy women take suspected infidelity and turn it into vicious street level assault One has less blood, but[...]
Avatar Plug of the Week: FERALS #6
This is it! Ferals #6 sees the first storyline of David Lapham's epic werewolf reinvention come to a close! He's been beaten up He's been sliced open and left for dead His friends have been killed, his lovers have been slaughtered Now, bad-ass officer Dale Chesnutt is going to confront the people responsible for his torment[...]
Dealing Cool #4: A Retailer Perspective from Black Cat Comics
Enjoy!     MY SHOP, DEFINED Set the stage for the Bleeding Cool viewer — what's the core of your business? Where are you located, and what's your primary clientele? We pride ourselves on being a comic book store, meaning that we have no trading cards or games.  Not that there's anything wrong with specializing in those lines; I've just[...]
Avatar Plug of the Week: Max Brooks & WonderCon 2012
 Come prepared with questions… and prepared for awesomeness! Avatar Press will also be offering a handful of variant comics exclusive to the show.  First, from David Lapham and Gabriel Andrade, Avatar presents the WonderCon exclusive edition of the chilling werewolf epic: Ferals #1 WonderCon Edition.  Also, from their sister company Boundless Comics, they will offer the[...]
No Holds Barred: David Lapham Talks About Dan the Unharmable
For the past two years, David Lapham has terrified horror fans with his work at Avatar Press, delivering taut, visceral tales of bloodshed and brutality with such titles as CROSSED: PSYCHOPATH, CALIGULA, and FERALS (to name just a few) Beginning in May, Lapham will return to the genre that started his career: crime noir (or[...]
An Unkillable Emperor And An Unharmable Dan – Avatar In May
Everybody" scenario.  Guns a'blazin'! Dicks #4 Offensive Edition (Cover by John McCrea) So offensive, we can't even show you.  This is for your protection.  For your enjoyment, however, buy the book. Ferals #5 Regular Edition (Cover by Gabriel Andrade) Officer Dale Chesnutt may want to turn around.  Just an idea. Ferals #5 Gore Edition (Cover by Gabriel Andrade) Ferals is pure,[...]
Avatar Plug of the Week: Ferals #2
And speaking of humping, let's check in on the fearsome canine villains of this next Avatar Plug and see whose leg they're a'humpin'. (A very forced pun, I know, but I just couldn't use the phrase "hump day" and leave it dangling there unused.) As previously mentioned on BleedingCool.com, Ferals is a twenty-first century reimagining of the[...]