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The Innuendo Of Superman, Today
Go on, let's take the first page of New 52: Futures End out of context. I don't know, Superman, I think Wonder Woman deserves a little more romance than
Is Lois Lane Talking About Bleeding Cool In The New 52: Futures End?
We know that the creators of the New 52: Futures End are big fans of Bleeding Cool after they sent us a shot of their possible upcoming plans for the series (and may have inadvertently given away the ending). But a couple of months ago, we looked at the changing 3D motion cover of Superman for the[...]
Will DC's April 2015 Event Be… Earth War?
You may remember last year when we were running rumours about the return of Damian Wayne this summer, a DC Five Years Later event for September and a spinoff weekly comic and an Earth 2 weekly comic (and were widely mocked for spreading such obvious nonsense) that there was a third aspect to the rumours[...]
A Few Creative Details For Five Years Later, Courtesy Of Amazon
Details have been released for DC Comics – The New 52: Five Years Later Omnibus from Amazon, collecting all of DC's comics in September in one volume, much as they did with Villains Month, Zero Month and the original New 52 Launch month. Scott Snyder (Author), Geoff Johns (Author), Ivan Reis (Illustrator) In September 2014, as every title in the DC Universe published special[...]
Brian Keene Confirms He Was On DC Comics' Five Years Later/Future's End
Last year we reported that Brian Keene and Greg Rucka were originally part of the writing team for the Five Years Later weekly comic event Future's End from DC Comics, but both pulled out. We couldn't get him to talk about it then, but now he's confirmed the story. I'd previously said "No" to many other projects[...]
Plastic Man – A Continuity Issue For Five Years Later To Fix?
When Five Years Later was first envisioned at DC Comics, it was designed to fix a few of the continuity goofs that had happened when the New 52 was launched. Well, from today's Justice League #25, here's another to add to the pile. Rather well executed, we get the origin of the New 52 version of Plastic[...]
Dan DiDio Confirms Five Years Later, The Weekly Comic, From DC Comics
Courtesy of the DC All Access video, here is the trade dress possibilities for the new DC weekly comic, Five Years Later. Bleeding Cool has been running article after article about this project, which will see every New 52 book in September 2014 go five years into their future, before coming back to the present the[...]