Cassandra Cain And Stephanie Brown Back As Batgirl – And Welcome Tiffany!

This week, Batgirl: Futures End #1 is all about the fanservice. In a good way, of course….


Welcome to the League Of Batgirls, from Gail Simone and Javier Garron. And in Gail Simone's final final issue of the series, she is finally able to give the readers What. They. Want.

Which is the introduction of Cassandra Cain into the New 52, and straight into the Batgirl costume…

Image (61)

Stephanie Brown in the Batgirl suit…

Image (60)

Oh yes and twelve year old African American Tiffany in the costume. Can't you see those cosplay designs already being worked up?

Image (61)a

Also, that means there's a seven year old Tiffany around somewhere in the regular DC continuity,,,,

But what about Barbara Gordon Batgirl? Since Gail has given the audience what they want so much with the other Batgirls, surely she has something equally as lovely planned for the star of the book? How about a return as Oracle?

Well, let's turn over the page and…

Image (62)

Wow. Barbara Gordon is no longer Batgirl. She's Bane. Bane-ish. Also, has taken down a bunch of Gotham's gallery of bad guys too.

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, LondonWith an exhibition and launch of David Ziggy Greene's original art from Scene & Heard, the acclaimed illustrated reportage as published in Private Eye magazine since 2011.


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