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Forbidden Planet International Also Has A Lockdown Click & Collect
Of course, that's only half the Forbidden Planet stores, as the other half is Forbidden Planet International, a corporate split that goes way back But the other Forbidden Planet chain wanted to point out that they too had just launched a Click And Collect across their stores – and the Worlds Apart stores which operate[...]
Next Week… I'll Be At London Super Comic Con. Will You?
Browne, Ryan Jenkyns Sabine Rich, Sean O'Conner, Sebastian von Buchwald Simon Birks, Solo Endeavour, Sonesh Joshi Comics, Steven D Quirke, Laura Braga, Paolo Pantalena, Tanya Roberts, The Art of Tommy Castle, The Heart of Time, The Rogues Gallery Creation of a Super Villain,The Wildlands and WJC. And the exhibitors will include Bleeding Cool's owners Avatar Press (with publisher William Christensen manning the booth), CGC, Comic Geek Speak, Markosia, Comicana Direct, 2000AD,[...]