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Mark Waid And The Nightmares Are Real…
We can now add Mark Waid into the writing group of Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente and Frank Barbiere We also have "The Nightmares Are Real…" to go with "The Future Fights Back…" "The Terrors Return…" and "The Power Consumes…". But the big clue seems to be: "What is the key?" I'll admit now that it's probably[...]
Frank Barbiere And The Power Consumes Dynamite
Previously we got Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente along with the phrases "The Terrors Return…" and "The Future Fights Back…" Plus we have "What Is…" Now we can add Frank Barbiere, "The Power Consumes…" and "The". Three writers, three catch phrase and a question… "What is the…?" I'm still leaning towards it being ALF[...]
Signings And Screenings – Offsite Events In New York During Comic Con Week
Here's a sampling of comic-shop based signings and events, as well as two hosted by Columbia University's Butler Library. Greg Rucka, Ales Kot, and Frank Barbiere Sign at Forbidden Planet on October 7th Greg Rucka, Ales Kot, & Frank Barbiere will be at Forbidden Planet in Union Square in New York to sign their new Image Comics[...]