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Zombie Terrors
But nothing could prepare him for the bite of a recluse spider turning him into a creature of the undead".   Abomination Dead by Asylum publisher Frank Forte and The Trapped Undead by Brian Quinn in which "a yojimbo must fight off a gambling hall bursting with the living dead." And Nodal by Timothy E[...]
The Return Of The Indie Vampire Comic
Comic book creator, Frank Forte, writes about his latest vampire adventures for Bleeding Cool; Over the years, I have bounced back and forth between the comics world and film and animation In the 90s, I was part of the black and white boom where I self-published titles like From Beyond, Insidious Tales, and The Vampire Verses[...]
Bob;s Burgers
That means The Shadow vs Batman, Bettie Page, Dresden Files, James Bond, Agent 47 — and Bob's Burgers Vol 2 #1 by writers Rachel Hastings, Justin Hook, Mike Olsen, Jeff Drake, Ben Dickerson, Brian Hall, Mark Von Der Heide, Adam Beechen, and John McNamee, and artists Frank Forte, Steven Theis, Tom Riggin, Mario D'Anna, Adam Philipps, Hector Reynoso, Anthony Aguinaldo. Bob's Burgers is back for more![...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Bob's Burgers Ongoing #1
We now move to Sunday of their sale and since the animated TV series it's based on airs on Sunday, seems today's a good day to share Bob's Burgers Ongoing #1 by a bunch of people who work on the show with a cover by Frank Forte. Here's all the writers and artists: Writer: Rachel Hastings, Justin Hook, Mike Olsen,[...]
Asylum Press Releases Warlash: Zombie Mutant Genesis Digitally
Asylum Press has announced the release of Warlash: Zombie Mutant Genesis #1, a digital first comic book. The three-issue mini-series is written by Frank Forte and Eric Rochford and illustrated by Alek Sotirovski with colors by Milan Antanasijevic The cover art was painted by illustrator Ben Olson. Warlash:Zombie Mutant Genesis #1 takes place in a not so distant[...]
Death Themed Heavy Metal #279 On Stands Now
A newsstand/comic shop cover by Mike Mitchell & Aaron Horkey, the subscriber/comic shop cover by Jeff Dekal and the special "Gene Kong" cover by Pepe Moreno, available exclusively at Heavy Ryan Ferrier and Hugo Petrus bring us "Children of Russia" where a dying man has some dire confessions to tell to a priest, who tries[...]
Read Bob's Burgers #1 For Free To Go With Big Digital Sale
The issue has a cover by Devin Roth, is written by Rachel Hastings, Mike Olsen, Justin Hook, Jeff Drake and features art by Frank Forte, Brad Rader, Bernard Derriman, Tony Gennaro. Dynamite is having a big sale on their Bob's Burgers right now. A series-wide half-off sale on DRM-Free digital editions available at Since 2014, Dynamite Entertainment has published the all-new[...]
Bob's Burgers At The Con And A New Frank Forte Cover
First up is a new cover by Frank Forte It's a retailer exclusive for ComicXposure for issue #2 and available at their website. Then we have photos from series creator Loren Bouchard signing at the Previews booth at SDCC We get to see him interacting with fans, talking to a Louise cosplayer and chatting with Dynamite publisher Nick[...]
Frank Forte Brings Robutts To Bob's Burgers Retailer Exclusive Cover
Artist Frank Forte has done up a retailer exclusive cover for the new on-going Bob's Burger series from Dynamite The retailer is Books-A-Million and there will be only 2,000 copies printed for the book being released on July 1st Books-A-Million customers can pre-order a copy at Books-A-Million online. Forte has worked on the Bob's Burgers television series[...]
Artist Spotlight – Frank Forte Of Bob's Burgers And Asylum Press
As an animator Frank Forte has worked on Despicable Me 2, Bob's Burgers, Allen Gregory, The Super Hero Squad Show and many many more He has also written and drawn many comics over the years as well as started Asylum Press He's going to be guest editing issue #271 of Heavy Metal magazine along with contributing[...]
Asylum Press Publisher Frank Forte To Guest Edit Heavy Metal Magazine
Asylum Press Publisher Frank Forte is going to be the guest editor for issue #271 of Heavy Metal Magazine and the plan is to make it a sci-fi/horror spectactular. In the issue Steve Mannion (Fearless Dawn) delivers a nod to Moebius in Prayer… a Fearless Dawn yarn, William Broad gives us Priests of the Black Death where an order of the Templars has[...]
Vosburg Goes Noir In Retrowood: All Roads Lead To Rome
Rome. "We're excited to have Mike on board at Asylum," says publisher Frank Forte, "Retrowood fits in with our growing list of titles We have a number of Retrowood one shots coming out as well as a new 4 issue series that Mike is drawing right now." Vosburg has worked for Marvel, DC Comics and Valiant among[...]