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THE ISSUE: The First Crossover Reboot Event on American Newsstands
Everything will be from before 1940, and most of it will be from before 1920. Happy Days #1, Oct 20, 1894, a crossover reboot event featuring Frank Reade and Jack Wright. The 1890s were a period of rapid change on the American newsstand The country was developing and refining both the electric grid and the national railroad[...]
The Issue: Frank Reade and The Ghost of Churchill's Mom
This installment of The Issue features my favorite science fiction character in American history: Frank Reade The character debuted in the 1876 story paper (think newspaper format, but containing fiction instead of news) Boys of New York #28, and went onto feature stories in that title, Wide Awake Library, then getting his own series with[...]
P.T. Barnum, Steampunk, And The Fan Convention Of 1889
Munro, who some might know was technically the publisher of the first Frank Reade story in Boys of New York, though he and soon-to-be-rival publisher Frank Tousey split not too long after that. You know how we periodically  work ourselves into a fuss over terms like 'comic book' and 'graphic novel' and whether they really fit?  Same[...]