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Franklin: BBC Radio Play About the First Black Character in Peanuts
BBC Radio 4 premiered Franklin, a dramatization of that moment in 1968 when Charles M Schulz chose to introduce a black character to the Peanuts comic strip in light of Martin Luther King's Assassination and the Civil Riots riots You might think a drama about a comic artist trying to make a creative decision based[...]
Was A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving a 'Get Out' Warning for Franklin?
Entertainment So, two important questions that spring to mind… ● Why's Franklin sitting by himself on one side of the table, while everyone else crowds horseshoe-style around him? ● Why did everyone else get solid chairs while Franklin got a lawn chair – when everyone knows eating while sitting in a lawn chair like that one is usually[...]
And Finally… When Franklin Said No To Booze
These include the dangers of peer pressure, the dangers of alcohol on young bodies and the dangers of, well, going around with a big 4 on your T-shirt like it's some kind of target. The comic sees Franklin making friends at school with the cool kids, thanks to his family connections, but then getting dragged into[...]
Welcome To The Spider-Bowl…
Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Does Anything A Knocked Over Skittle Can. Here's a look at some Spider-Man mechandise from Marvel and Franklin Sports They've got other characters as well, including Thor and Captain America (obviously) With other sports implements coming, including baseball, basketball, boxing, football, hockey, American football and tennis But if you wanted to take your aggression[...]