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Indie Creator Talks Shop: Jacob Semahn Of Image Comics' Goners
Life's funny that way. I met Gabriel Cassata (Hexed, Supurbia) and Steve Wands (Batman, Underwater Welder) on a shelved project that we couldn't quite get off the ground, but they're awesome, laid back, and talented That in general is incredibly hard to find in entertainment, so when I do, I like exert a Lennie from Mice[...]
Xtreme Championship Tournament The Superbowl Of The Future…
'I've already had some amazing support and developmental feedback from the comic book community in Australia, and look forward to that same support and feedback from the rest of the comic book community'. Shaun believes that with the powerful duo of Harvey Award nominee Jerry Gaylord and colourist Gabriel Cassata from BOOM Studios famous series Fanboys[...]