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'Tiny Supers' RPG Powers Up Digital Release
The folks at Gallant Knight Games just finished fulfilling digital copies of Tiny Supers to people who backed their Kickstarter campaign, and now you can get a copy for yourself at DriveThruRPG! //Credit: Gallant Knight Games Using the rules in this book, you'll be able to play superheroes of all types, from paragons and exemplars, to super-science[...]
Alan Bahr on Zorro, West End Games, and Role Playing Games
Alan Bahr is the owner and lead designer of Gallant Knight Games and has published multiple excellent role-playing games like Tiny Frontiers, Tiny Dungeon, and more Alan took the time to talk with Bleeding Cool about his latest project, which brings one of our country's original super-heroes to table tops everywhere! //Credit: Zorro Productions, Inc. BC: Good[...]