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Combining Work and Pleasure and Comics and Games
Kate Lollar writes for Bleeding Cool: What do you get when you take an Emmy award-winning producer and comic book artist, add 18 years of experience in TV, film, comics and video games, and let him loose on a comic con themed RPG? Comic ConQuest. Jeff Matsuda is best known for producing The Batman and Jackie Chan Adventures,[...]
The Wonderful 101 Remembers That Superheroes Should Be Wonderful
It's a superhero video game made by cult Japanese developer Platinum Games for the Wii U, the games console that no one is buying I don't even know if any of our readers have it Anyway, I was over at a friend's place, he had a Wii U, and had downloaded the demo for the[...]
New Trailer For Mad Max Game Sort Of Shows You Some Gameplay
Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool Game trailers are a difficult things While cinematic trailers are close to useless at judging a game's worth, sometimes even Gameplay trailers aren't all that helpful This new trailer from Avalanche Studio's Mad Max will give you a rough idea of the graphical quality and some aspects of play but[...]
Grand Theft Auto: Iron Man – Full Flight And Repulsor Mod!
And in doing so creating a better, more interactove, more responsive Iron Man game we've had to date. You can download and install the mods here.   [youtube]![/youtube] Well that's just pretty amazing Modding Grand Theft Auto IV to enable a full-flight Iron Man with repulsor technology to interact with New York Liberty City around him[...]
The Walking Dead iOS Game Based On The Comic Book
Well isn't that interesting? A Walking Dead iOS game… nothing unusual in that But it's one that's visually and tonally based on the comic book rather than the TV series Walking Dead: Assault plays like a decent rescource-managed action fighter like Judge Dredd but, unlike that game, it uses artistic elements directly from the comic[...]
Does The Star Wars Angry Birds AT AT Game Promise A New App For Monday?
Idle Hands has helped to fill in today's Angry Birds/Star Wars gaps with this, well, game in which Angry Birds dressed as Star Wars Rebel forces being launched against Green Pig AT-ATs. "Based On The App" Are they going to launch a Star Wars Angry Birds App simultaneously? With just this kind of Hoth-based action? [...]
Deadpool Writes His Own Game Fact Sheet
Deadpool writes his own game description Or rather, someone in PR does their best at a half-decent impression… DEADPOOL™ A NOTE FROM DEVELOPER HIGH MOON STUDIOS You may be wondering why our game character is writing his own fact sheet  Our team also wondered and wasn't all that aware of who DEADPOOL was until this red-suited, katana-wielding Marvel[...]
Deadpool Game To Be Announced At San Diego Comic Con
We know about the upcoming Hit Monkey game from Activision, Marvel and High Noon. Well, it seems that a Deadpool game will be announced in less than six hours from the same people It should be announced here; 1:45-2:45 Marvel Video Games— Learn all about Gazillion's Marvel Heroes MMO, Ubisoft's Avengers: Battle for Earth and more future[...]
Killing Stan Lee – Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh
Allow me to backtrack a little and explain. Last week, the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN movie tie-in videogame came out I was bored, so I ordered a copy from Amazon Turns out that the Amazon order gets you a free bonus DLC level where you get Stan Lee as a playable character in a special section walled off[...]
A Batarang For $750? I Do Hope It's Functional For That Price
Gamasutra have created a couple of statuey things based on the Batman: Arkham City game One, a detachable Batarang being grasped by Batman's fist for $750, limited to 7500 copies And the Riddler trophy from the game for $350, limited to 440 copies. Feast your eyes… [...]
New 52 Gets A Game – Injustice: Gods Among Us
A trailer for a new console/PC game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, featuring the icons of the DC Universe in their DC New 52 So that's probably the new look for Solomon Grundy, too Developed by the Mortal Kombat team, time to do some screencapping I think… [...]
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Stan Lee
Order the new Amazing Spider-Man game through Amazon, and you'll get the option to play as Stan Lee. I don't think there's a font size big enough for the necessary "Excelsior!" is there? There is no option to play as Steve Ditko And frankly I think he'd prefer it that way. Order the new Amazing Spider-Man game[...]
The Sin City Game That Never Was – Pics
Nixel Pixel have hit the motherload, with a bunch of in game visuals and designs from the abandoned Sin City game, from Simon Lissaman Legal and financial issues saw the game abandoned in 2009 after switching developers. BTW, not the only Frank Miller-related story we'll be running today… [...]
That Steampunk Batman Game In Action
A short while ago, Bleeding Cool showed you a few menu screens for a proposed XBox 360 game that would have starred the Batman from the Brian Augustyn/Mike Mignola graphic novel Gotham By Gaslight, set in a Victorian London. Now we have actual test video footage of the game itself… [youtube][/youtube]     [...]
Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh #137: Walkin' In A Star Wars Wonderland
The last big video game to be released this year is the MMO STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC. [youtube][/youtube] Too bad the actual game doesn't look like those trailers It looks like this:     I'm not a games journalist or reviewer, so I don't look at games with the same criteria they do[...]
Judge Dredd Vs Zombies: The Game
It got rather overshadowed the other day in terms of new App games, what with the iPad release of A Bard's Tale But Rebellion, the games company that bought 2000AD and Judge Dredd because they liked them, released a new Judge Dredd game at the 99 cent/69 pence price point Judge Dredd Vs Zombies. In the[...]
The Kody Chamberlain/Josh Fialkov Punks iPad Game That Never Was
But those less successful ventures can still be worth preserving. Such as this pitch by Kody Chamberlain and Josh Fialkov, creators of self published comic book Punks to MTV for a Punks iPad videogame Mirroring Steve Jobs' keynote addreses, and sent to MTV as mini-comic And there it stayed. This has never been seen in public before[...]
NYCC: The Arkham City Panel
Eric Glover writes for Bleeding Cool Salivating fans of the Batman: Arkham Asylum game got a tasty new tease of its highly anticipated sequel Batman: Arkham City on Friday, as well as some behind-the-scenes reveals by Rocksteady Studios creators and voice actor Kevin Conroy The event kicked off with Arkham City's launch trailer, and followed up[...]
Bill Willingham To Work On Fables Game For Telltale
We knew that Telltale Games were going to make downloadable episodic games based on the DC Vertigo title Fables, by Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham. But until today we didn't know that Bill Willingham was going to work on the games as well. Bleeding Cool understands that the deal is expected to be announced on Saturday, and[...]
Time To Play Angry Captain Americas
Not Nazis remember, they want to be able to play this game in Germany Not pigs either, there is copyright as suit here Clik on Wield The Shield to play. Oh and Captain America: The First Avenger is in cinemas from the 22nd July in the US and the 29th July in the[...]
Angry Thors Game May Destroy Your Life
There's a new Thor game online. And it's a wee bit addictive. Throw Mjlonir and take down Frost Giants in a mixture of angle, thrust and lightning strikes with as few throws as possible Then move on You can play it here. I'm going to have another go. There's a new Thor game online. And it's a wee bit[...]
Peter David Writes New Spider-Man Game, "Edge Of Time"
Possibly with time webbing, I'm not sure. And the game narrative is written by Spider-Man 2099 co-creator Peter David himself. The announcement will be made properly at the WonderCon panel on Saturday, 4.30pm. One of these days people will make convention announcements at the convention itself. Until then, Spider-Man: Edge Of Time developed by Beenix will use both[...]