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assassin's creed
Assassin's Creed II was so successful that they were able to give the faithful assassin Ezio his own trilogy of games This time he is breaking out of the screen and onto your shelves with the new 1/6th scale figure from Damtoys This figure is something special and Damtoys has put a lot of time and[...]
Bloodborne Artwork Becomes Collectibles with Gecco Tapestries 
Bloodborne is one of those games you have to at least play once Being a fan of the Dark Soul series I wanted to take a swing at this gothic horror franchise and was not disappointed This game is pretty hard though so if you get angry at games then take this one slow[...]
YOU ARE THE SHARK: Maneater the Game Revealed at #E3
At last, someone has made my dreams come true in game form: Maneater, where you can play as a freaking bull shark Revealed during the annual PC Gaming Show portion of E3, Maneater has everything, including a skill tree for the playable sea creature. You were cut from your mother's body and left to die in[...]
Perhaps a little bit 'Cannibal Corpse album cover', but you know, at least a potentially unique flavour. I've now played the game for about three hours, and while that isn't enough to give the game a full appraisal, I thought I'd share some early thoughts To get to the point: Hoo boy, Agony thus far is[...]
Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption 2 now has the promised trailer, which goes further into the story and what we can expect from the game. Earlier this week, we were promised a new look at Red Dead Redemption 2 today That's a big deal, as thus far, details about the game, and especially the story have remained elusive[...]
First Play Impressions Of Assassin's Creed: Origins
Assassin's Creed, the game series that launched a thousand parkour-related broken bones, just released their newest title, Assassin's Creed Origins Ubisoft has been developing this prequel chapter for no small amount of time, and the early buzz for it after E3 was marginally better than the previous title, Syndicate. 'Origins' takes place in ancient Egypt, somewhere[...]
Gwenpool Enters Marvel Contest Of Champions… And Drags Cable In With Her
As Marvel Contest of Champions moves into a new year, the game is unveiling two new heroes… the extremely popular Gwenpool and the extremely pouched Cable Neither are playable yet, but my guess is that one of them will be winnable in the arenas starting tomorrow… while the other will probably be up in two weeks[...]
World Of Warcraft: Legion – 3 Things Blizzard Got Right
These two things alone are huge improvements in the game And once you hit level 102, you can go and get the weapons for the other two specializations in your class Demonology gets the Skull of the Man'ari and Affliction gets Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester. Once you have your weapon, you have the option to choose[...]
The Guardians Of The Galaxy Come To Marvel Avengers Academy
TinyCo and Marvel's Avengers Academy mobile game has now added the Guardians of the Galaxy The Star-Lord lead team, reimagined as students, has escaped Ronan and crash-landed on Earth The new in-game event has the students investigating the teams arrival and unlocking new Guardians each week including Star-Lord, Gamora and Rocket Raccoon It will not[...]
Exclusive Designs For New Doom Game, From Dark Horse's Art Of Doom Hardcover
Dark Horse Comics has become quite the specialist in creating high end books based on video games, collecting and showcasing the artwork that went into the game. And now, with a new Doom game scheduled for May, Art Of Doom is a hardcover look at the designs that went into the new game from ID Software. From[...]
Beethoven Google Doodle Is A Fun Free Game Today
To celebrate the 245th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven they have done up a game that involves arrange his music in the proper order And poor Beethoven is late for the concert, as he races out the door he steps in poo and a horse messes up his sheet music You must help him rearrange[...]