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The SmartBoy Smart-Phone Gameboy Hybrid Is Coming To Europe
The hardware kit is essentially a smart-phone accessory that'll turn your lame Samsung into a classic Gameboy. The SmartBoy was originally started a development kit in late 2016, it attaches to Android smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, turning your smartphone into a handheld gaming device. The retro adaptive hardware kit is compatible with the actual[...]
Sweet Release! Sunset Overdrive, Lords Of The Fallen, Castlevania VC, Assassin's Creed Collection, TMNT: Danger Of The Ooze, Freedom Wars, WWE 2K15, NBA Live 15
 Unfortunately he's the only hope against the onslaught of the old gods and their demonic army who've returned after a millennia to conquer the land.  Choose from warrior, paladin, and rogue classes with unique fighting styles and weaponry and tackle the games combat system that focuses on dueling enemies with careful and paced combat.  The[...]
License To Kill It: Licensed Games That Do It Right
 Games that would never to be held up as a critical darling, only existing to be pointed to and laughed at.  I said it in that article and I'll say it again, everyone who's played a game can point to some awful licensed title.  Games like Maximum Carnage, Dragon Ball Z, Superman, hell anyone remember the Aquaman game for GameCube and Xbox?  But I[...]
A Beautiful Symphony: A Tribute To Castlevania's Koji Igarashi
 At the video or toy store, covers would often be emblazoned in images that never correctly depicted what the game was about, Castlevania was honest about its accurate cover to game representation.  At a time when horror movies featured larger than life monsters Castlevania felt like Monster Squad come true, fighting  Dracula, the undead, medusas, Castlevania was a far cry from the colorful world of the Mushroom Kingdom.  Castlevania would[...]