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Crossroads Inn Creator Klabater Decide On Gamefound To Crowdfund
Namely, the company has chosen to crowdfund via Gamefound Furthermore, Klabater has decided to work with Sirius Game Studio to develop and publish this game. The front of the proposed box cover of Crossroads Inn, the tabletop board game adaptation of the video game of the same name by Polish game designer Klabater. The premise of this[...]
Crossroads Inn Board Game To Be Published By Klabater, Out Q4 2022
The press announcement of the board game continues with the following decree: "To avoid a bloody civil war, a deal is made, and an honorable bet is born: whoever builds the best inn will become not only the "king" of local gastronomy but also the king of all of Yorevale!" The infographic that Klabater has sent[...]
Eleven: Football Manager Board Game Draft Live On Gamefound
Tabletop game developer Portal Games has announced that the campaign draft for their soccer manager simulator board game, the Eleven: Football Manager Board Game, is now live on Gamefound's crowdfunding website. Eleven is a one to four-player game where players take on the roles of different managers of European-style football teams in an effort to allow[...]