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Deadworld Anthology Pays Tribute To Gary Reed
A new anthology from Riverdale Avenue Books aims to pay tribute to the late Gary Reed, creator of the classic zombie comic book Deadworld, with original short stories that take place in the Deadworld universe, as well as nonfiction essays about Reed Edited by Lori Perkins, the book contains stories and articles by Kevin VanHook, Thomas Monteleone, Jason Henderson, Andrew Robertson, Jennifer Williams, Ken Haigh, Sarah[...]
For The Thirsty Zombie – Deadworld Premium Soda
By Christopher Helton When the zombie apocalypse happens, what everyone will be looking for is the pause that refreshes. Over on Facebook, I saw this weekend that Gary Reed of Caliber Entertainment debuted a soft drink line inspired by the long running Deadworld zombie comics You can also find this information on the Caliber website. Featuring classic art[...]
Caliber Comics' Gary Reed Kickstarts Storyville Graphic Novel
By Gary Reed It's amazing how the perception of Kickstarter has changed since it first started.  When I first started hearing about it, I was like many in that I felt it was people asking for money to do what they wanted to do.  It was a handout. But as Kickstarter became more of a norm, I[...]
Joe Pruett On The Return Of Caliber Comics
Caliber Comics was the publisher that brought Brian Bendis to our attention, published the songs of Alan Moore and gave us the early works of Guy Davis, Michael Allred, Warren Ellis, Vince Locke, Ed Brubaker, Mike Perkins, David Mack, Dean Haspiel, Mike Carey, Jim Calafiore, Georges Jeanty, Patrick Zircher, Phil Hester and many more, through[...]
Deadworld Resurrects At IDW
The story follows a group of post-apocalyptic survivors who now want to take the world back. The new series, Deadworld: Restoration will be done by Gary Reed (Baker Street) and Sami Makkonen (Hatter M) produced the Deadworld: War of the Dead series the first of the series to be published in color and Ghastly Award for best-mini-series. "I'm excited[...]