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Finally Some Good News For The Hunger Games – Michael Arndt Sought For Rewrite

Lionsgate are looking to draft Michael Arndt, the writer of Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3, to rework the script for Catching Fire, the second film in the Hunger Games series. This is a very good thing. Arndt is a deft writer with an outstanding grasp of structure and cinematic storytelling techniques. Heat Vision […]

Catching Fire Directing Chair Offered To Francis Lawrence

Since The Hunger Games director Gary Ross announced that he would not be returning to direct sequel Catching Fire, Lionsgate have been under pressure to find someone suitable. The studio has already set its release date for November 22nd 2013, and lead actress Jennifer Lawrence will only be available until December 20th, after which she […]

Inside The Subjective Sound Of The Hunger Games

Here's the full-length Soundworks Collection video on the sound of The Hunger Games. As you'll know if you've been to see the film, the basic rule was to keep the tracks tied into Katniss Everdeen's own experience. It's a shame that they didn't go beyond the same-old ideas of "immersion" and "subjectivity" in that clip […]

Racist Reactions To The Hunger Games Movie

Despite very clear indicators of race in the original text of Suzanne Collins' novel – she describes skin as dark, even dark brown, and that's about as clear as she needs to be – some of the audience who rolled out to see The Hunger Games this weekend were shocked to find out that the […]

New Hunger Games Clip Is A Scene Not From The Book

In this unexpected and intimate moment from Gary Ross' film adaptation of The Hunger Games, you'll see President Snow and his chief Gamesmaker, Seneca Crane, discussing the power of fear – and of hope. Crane is the Games' Dungeon Master type, responsible for contriving the life or death situations that face the "tributes", the teenagers forced to fight for their […]

Hunger Games Behind The Scenes Clip Shows Katniss And Peeta In Action, On Show

There's no new in-film footage in this clip from behind the scenes of The Hunger Games but you'll see the filming of plenty of scenes that were, at least until this episode of ET aired, being kept under wraps. I'm surprised how much they've managed to keep hidden until this close to release. Having recently […]