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One Of The Most Intelligent Panels On Gender In Comics Featuring Lara Antal, Marguerite Dabaie, Robin Ha, Hazel Newlevent, Molly Ostertag – With Complete Audio
Comics creators are increasingly mindful of being their own spokespeople for their work and for the causes and issues they encounter, and this is a prime example of young creators establishing their voices in clear terms. Some of the topics we discussed were whether female creators are facing fatigue answering "gender only" type questions at mixed[...]
The SDCC Gender In Comics Panel – Interesting Insights And Missed Opportunities
Eric Rezsnyak writes for Bleeding Cool: The "Gender in Comics" panel that took place Thursday at Comic-Con International stirred up controversy a week before it even took place Marvel Comics editor Steve Wacker sent out a (predictably snarky) tweet on July 13: "Hey! The Gender in Comics panel has no men on it!! I shall wait[...]