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Rhea Ewing's Fine: A Comic About Gender, Graphic Novel Debut in April
Rhea Ewing's debut graphic novel Fine: A Comic About Gender will be published by Liveright in Apr 2021, Based on interviews of 56 different people throughout the US, Ewing states that the book resists the urge to oversimplify, and you will find no handy charts or graphs to summarize a person's experience of gender Instead,[...]
Gendercrunching June 2015 – Plus Ethnicity At DC, Marvel, And Image
While it's a positive sign that representation is improving in both gender and ethnicity, nothing has changed dramatically and even the occasional spot of notable growth still lags far behind the dominant category These comic book publishers are making strides for diversity so much as tiny little steps. To learn more about this statistics project and[...]
Gendercrunching Special Edition – #DCYou
By Tim Hanley With all of DC's new titles and revamped returning books now released, it's time for a special edition of "Gendercrunching" to examine how #DCYou fared with female creators The result, relative to the past few years of the New 52: not too bad And when you're talking about women in comics statistics, "not[...]
So Who Comes To Comic Cons, Where, Why And What For?
Fandom is Heading Toward Gender Parity Overall, response to the survey broke down 55/45 male/female Respondents age 30 and over broke 60/40 male. For respondents under 30 (about 45% of the sample), the split was exactly even at 50/50. Some fandoms are more gender-balanced than others Videogame superfans tend to be male by 65/35; among comics superfans, the response[...]
The Gender Marketing Of Comics – In A Comic
Ex-DC and Disney comics editor, Janelle Asselin, has written six strips entitled Don't Be A Dick, each drawn by a different artist for Bitch Magazine, about the vagaries of the comic book industry around gender and racial politics. Here is but a small clip of the new strip, drawn by Sarah Benkin based on comics marketing, encompassing *that* Image[...]
Gendercrunching And Ethnocrunching Comics – July 2013
Diversity is an important component in any creative field, and the Big Two are slightly more diverse this year, both in terms of ethnicity and gender; the overall percentage of solicited female creators rose 1.6% as well Now, while it's fun to stick it to the white man (full disclosure: I am a white man)[...]
The Gender In Comics Panel At San Diego Comic Con Has No Men In It (UPDATE)
Hey! The Gender in Comics panel has no men on it!! I shall wait for internet outrage ! — Stephen Wacker (@StephenWacker) July 13, 2013 It does, after all, say "gender" in the headline And last time I checked, "male" was a gender. Thursday, July 18 • 1:00pm – 2:00pm  Gender in Comic Books Join Ball State University professor[...]
A Very Merry Gendercrunching – October 2012 And New 52 Vs Marvel Now Relaunches
This drop in assistant editors brought them down overall, but it's good to see more female creators getting work on the creative side.   Compared to a Year Ago: In October 2011, Marvel was at 11% female creators, so they're up 1.4% from then.   MARVEL NOW! AND THE NEW 52 CHARACTERS BY GENDER   Marvel NOW! appears to be winding[...]
Gendercrunching June 2012 – And A Little Ethnocrunching Too
It's not enough that I wage a battle of the sexes each month, now I've got to start a race war too? Shame on me. Actually, these numbers are really interesting, especially compared to the gender stats People have been asking about ethnicity in the comments for a while now, and the results were surprising in[...]
Archie Comics Goes Gender Swapping
What's next for Archie Comics to hit the headlines? Why, gender swapping of course Courtesy of Sabrina The Teenage Witch. In August's edition of Archie Comics, Archie becomes Archina, and Betty and Veronica become Billy and Ronnie. It's time for a heady examination of gender politics in the lives of teenagers. And, yes, yes, Archie does indeed appear to[...]
Gendercrunching 2011 by Tim Hanley
Tim Hanley gendercrunches for Bleeding Cool He is our sexual statistical correspondent. December was a fairly average month at DC and Marvel, though DC hit some impressive new lows and Marvel fell to single digits overall for the first time since the summer Also, there are a ridiculous number of charts as we look at 2011[...]
Si Spurrier Makes A Stand For Panel Parity Of Gender. By Standing Down.
Today, at the London Super Comic Convention, on the How To Write A Comic Script panel, Si Spurrier gave up his seat in favour of a female panellist. He did this in support of Paul Cornell's stance that unless there is gender parity on a comic convention panel – fifty percent, or as near as,[...]
Gendercrunching – November 2011 by Tim Hanley
Full editors fell nearly a percentage point, while assistant editors were down a whopping 9 points. FEMALE CHARACTERS AT DC COMICS We usually talk about creators when we Gendercrunch, but I've gotten a few comments lately asking for a look at female characters This seemed like a fun idea, so this month we'll check out DC and[...]
Gendercrunching: DC And Marvel September 2011 – And Marvel 1996-2011
Here are the charts: As we saw in the DCnU-specific Gendercrunching article, the DCnU books didn't cause any sort of precipitous drop overall This is true of DC as whole for September, with their overall total percentage of female creators down only 0.2% from August While 10.6% is below average for DC, it's not terribly low. However,[...]
Gendercrunching DC Comics 1996-2011 by Tim Hanley
The wage gap between genders has been steadily closing for decades (though a sizeable gap still remains) At DC, we see growth in some areas, like editorial, but this is counteracted by declines elsewhere All together, the percentage of female creators at DC Comics has been stagnant for 15 years, and I think that says[...]
Gendercrunching – DC & Marvel, April 2011 by Tim Hanley
I'm glad that Marvel gets a little better every month, but there's still a long way to go. DO FEMALE EDITORS RESULT IN MORE FEMALE CREATORS? You can find out lots of interesting things with stats, and this month we'll look at whether an editor's gender makes a difference in terms of who they hire[...]