Fearless Defenders Breaks New Gender Relationship Ground (Spoilers)


Nice big massive spoilers for today's Fearless Defenders. Because they've created a rather interesting set up today.

From next issue's solicitations, "New costume! New arc! New status quo I still won't tell you about!"

Well I will. So if you fear spoilers, begone, read the comic, return and then we can talk.

Now, as readers will know, Annabelle Riggs died last issue at the hands of the woman she rather lusted over, Valkyrie, possessed. It was enough to snap Valkyrie out of it, it was a noble death, it was a tragic death and Tumblr didn't like it. No, sir.

Anyway, the next issue sees Valkyrie head straight for Valhalla, where all warriors who die in battle, go in he afterlife. She finds here, a deal is done, she is returned.

But a sacrifice has to be made. And it's physical independence. Annabelle can only return, sharing the body of Valkyrie. They have to switch places to exist.

Which means they will always be together. And always be apart. It's a storyline built for feels.

Shakespeare is lucky Tumblr wasn't around for Romeo And Juliet. There would have been lynch mobs.

We've had the shared body dynamic with Rick Jones, The Demon, the Hulk, Firestorm and more. Have the pair in question ever been in love with each other before? Let alone an interracial same-sex pair?

It's also a really enjoyable read and beautifully painted.

Go buy it. Today.



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