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"Crisis of Infinite Luthors": Some Thoughts on Our Lex List [POSTSCRIPT]

I also somehow feel it might be a wee bit disrespectful to The French Connection's Gene Hackman - who is smart enough to stay off of Twitter.I'm also really sure what Arnold's play is in all of this Is he just trolling? Is he secretly a huge Hackman fan? Does he dislike Rosenbaum and Cryer?[...]

'Supergirl': Our Top 10 List of "Lexiest" Lex Luthors of All Time (TV/Film)

Superman I, II, IV - Gene Hackman Hackman is the king Only Hackman could keep his hair the whole series of movies and we wouldn't care because we'd still buy him as Lex Luthor.  Only Hackman could be in such terrible garbage as The Quest for Peace and we don't care.Lex Luthor! Ruler of Australia! He[...]

Jesse Eisenberg Calls His Lex Luthor "Psychologically Realistic"

"Which is a more modern, psychologically realistic concept of Lex Luthor."Actors like Gene Hackman, Michael Rosenberg, John Shea, Kevin Spacey and Clancy Brown have played the part with varying degrees of realism or cartoon fancy depending on the situation Eisenberg specifically called out the Hackman and Spacey Luthor -- intended to be the same character[...]