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Punisher Creator Gerry Conway Responds To Police Decal Controversy
Now, the co-creator of The Punisher, Gerry Conway (he created the character with John Romita Sr in the pages of Spider-Man #129), has responded to the controversy and the use of the logo. First he addressed whether or not Frank Castle is a villain. He's a complex morally compromised anti-hero, not to be emulated by cops —[...]
The Comic Book History Of Gypsy (Updated)
She is well-trained in hand-to-hand combat, acrobatics and firearms though she carries none on her. She was created by Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton in Justice League of America Annual #2 This was also the first appearance of Vibe. In the television series, Gypsy is supposed to come in and help Vibe with his powers. Update – It[...]
Gerry Conway Addresses Zack Snyder Rather Directly…
Even though no one got raped in BVS/ Apart from, you know, the childhood of certain fans who post on-line. Indeed Gerry Conway, writer of the death of Gwen Stacy and co-creator of The Punisher, Firestorm, Steel, Vixen, Jason Todd and Captain Carrot decided to be as direct as possible. Fuck you, Zack Snyder[...]
Gerry Conway Returns To Firestorm #DCJanuary (UPDATE Gerry Smiles)
not what we we previously referred to as "Big October." Which will include a new Firestorm mini-series by his co-creator Gerry Conway, who has been getting a little bit of a revival of interest recently, not least courtesy of a critique of DC Comics' royalty payment structures. He later made an apology, and it looks like everything has been nicely[...]
A New Carnage Series From Gerry Conway And Mike Perkins #MarvelOctober (UPDATE)
A new Carnage series by veteran creator Gerry Conway and Mike Perkins. featuring the serial killer-turned supervillain Conway has already given us The Punisher, his journeys with a immoral character as protagonist is a strong one. The tagline? "Descent into madness." Read the rest of our coverage with the #MarvelOctober tag on Bleeding Cool…. UPDATE with visual:     [...]
Gerry Conway Publicly Apologises To DC Comics
Recently, veteran comic book creator Gerry Conway made some comments regarding DC's policies over remuneration based on comic book characters being adopted by other media They went far and wide. But now Conway has issued what he calls "A public apology to Geoff Johns, Dan DiDio, Jim Lee, and Larry Ganem." Ganem, while he may not be[...]
DC Comics Talking To Gerry Conway About Rebooting Firestorm
Gerry Conway co-created Firestorm for DC Comics. Firestorm hasn't exactly found his milieu in the DC Comics universe of late, both pre and post New 52 relaunch. So it looks as if the company may be considering going back to the original well. After talking about the issues regarding the ex gracia payments to creators for using comic characters[...]
Gerry Conway Responds To Dan DiDio And Jim Lee Over Creator Payments
Bleeding Cool remains the only site to publish DC's response to comic creators over veteran comic creator Gerry Conway's concerns and allegations over ex gracia payments made to comic creators for use of their character in toys, games, films and TV shows. Conway has now posted on Tumblr, First, I want to thank Dan DiDio and Geoff Johns[...]
Dan DiDio And Jim Lee Address Gerry Conway's Concerns, In Letter To Creators
Last week, Bleeding Cool highlighted veteran comic creator Gerry Conway's concerns about how DC Comics was treating their "creator equity participation" policy that rewards creators for comic book characters that were created for comics, being used in other media, such as toys, games, TV shows or movies And how he has been told that his co-creation[...]
The DC Comics Letter That Lays Out Gerry Conway's Issue So Succinctly
Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom created Crystal Frost, a character who became the Firestorm villain Killer Frost, back in 1978 But when Killer Frost was recreated in the New 52m it was as Caitlin Snow by Sterling Gates and Derlis Santacruz. This is the response that Gerry Conway received from DC Entertainment, regarding his equity request for[...]
Neal Adams Talks Gerry Conway, DC Comics And Who Owns What
Neal Adams got in touch with Bleeding Cool to talk about Gerry Conway's recent allegations concerning DC Comics' changes to their "creator equity participation" program. He writes, I have seen the Gerry Conway notes, and of course Gerry is completely correct. The trouble is this,..D.C and Marvel, the companies, have NEVER created anything!  Like publishers of "real" books,…novels, they[...]
DC Comics In Ructions Over Gerry Conway's Allegations
Yesterday veteran comic book writer Gerry Conway posted on Tumblr.  Who created Caitlin Snow, the alter ego of Firestorm super-villain Killer Frost, who appears regularly on The Flash? According to DC Entertainment, nobody. He was highlighting a rather distressing loophole at DC over paying comic book creators whose creations get picked for toys, TV shows or movies, known as[...]
The Punisher's Creator Was A Conscientious Objector, Against His Use By Soldiers
Gerry Conway created the character The Punisher for Spider-Man comics The character was a veteran of the Vietnam War, he was suffering post traumatic stress issues, and turned them into a war against criminal elements, killing them on the streets. Meant as a one-off, the character drew dramatically in popularity, span off his own comic books and[...]
Gerry Conway Returns To Spider-Man In 2015
It's been twenty years since Gerry Conway, the man who killed Gwen Stacy (spoilers), wrote a Spider-Man comic book. But it appears that in 2015, he'll be back… Deep into the first script of my new Spider-Man mini series Great to hear Peter Parker's voice in my head again Wait Let me rephrase that — Gerry Conway (@gerryconway)[...]