ghost fleet

'My Dog. My Truck. In That Order.' – Preview Ghost Fleet #6 From Dark Horse

Ghost Fleet by Donny Cates and Daniel Warren Johnson returns for Issue #6 on April 1st as a digital exclusive from Dark Horse, following series like The Resurrectionists and Sundowners into digital single issue format before a print trade The series is a bold, and certainly high-octane dark fantasy and Johnson's artwork makes a highly[...]

The Bleed 2.10: Reading I Kill Giants With Donny Cates

The podcast consists of the latest news in comics, creator interviews, and a weekly book club discussion.This week we're reading a classic with up-and-coming badass DONNY CATES! Cates writes titles such as The Ghost Fleet and Buzzkill for Dark Horse Comics with quite a few coming out the gate in 2015 IT IS THE YEAR OF DONNY, ya’ll.He's chosen a great[...]

In One Week, In Two Weeks… From Ghost Fleet To Tooth And Claw (UPDATE)

In one week, the launch of Spider-Verse Team-Up, Ghost Fleet, Tooth And Claw, Humans, American Legends, The Over The Garden Wall Special, Fairy Quest Outcasts, John Carter Warlord Terrible Lizard and Eternal Warrior.And the week after? The launch of Grindhouse, Itty Bitty Mask, Resurrectionists, Kitchen, Bigger Bang, Drifter, All New Captain America, Captain America & The Mighty[...]

From Donny Cates… What Is Interceptor?

Your guess is as good at ours...Donny Cates is the co-creator of the likes of Buzzkill, Ghost Fleet and The Paybacks for Dark Horse Comics Could this, by any chance, be the next project he has in mind? Also for Dark Horse, or for someone else?It looks a bit.. space-y....  Your guess is as good at[...]

CatesWatch: The Paybacks, A New Superhero Comic From Dark Horse?

Donny Cates, an ex-Bleeding Cool writer, is a rising star in the comic book scene right now, with Dark Horse having published his recent superhero series Buzzkill, and with trucker conspiracy Ghost Fleet to come.And so now, since he's moved on from Bleeding Cool, we get to gossip about him.I've heard a rumour regarding two[...]