CatesWatch: The Paybacks, A New Superhero Comic From Dark Horse?

BaOVx4DCYAEHxK5Donny Cates, an ex-Bleeding Cool writer, is a rising star in the comic book scene right now, with Dark Horse having published his recent superhero series Buzzkill, and with trucker conspiracy Ghost Fleet to come.

And so now, since he's moved on from Bleeding Cool, we get to gossip about him.

I've heard a rumour regarding two projects he's meant to be working on. The first is reputed to be a thematic sequel to Buzzkill called The Paybacks, also for Dark Horse, and it may well be an ongoing series. This is supposed to involve a superhero loan company, a kind of Wonder I guess, and will be co-created with the co-creator of Hunter Quaid, Eliot Rahal.

And the second Cates rumor is that he's also been asked by Valiant to pitch for Quantum & Woody.

Well done Donny! You're a subject of extensive rumor-mongering. The first of many more, we are sure…

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