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No Place For Bravery Will Officially Launch In Q4 2021
Glitch Factory and Ysbryd Games have confirmed today that No Place For Bravery will be released sometime near the end of the year We've been seeing bits and pieces of this game for about a year now with really no clear timeline of when it might drop Now we at least have a window to look forward[...]
Ysbryd Games Reveals No Place For Bravery Demo During PAX Online
This game looks absolutely incredible with the kind of pixel art that developer Glitch Factory has going for it, as you play a blood-soaked soldier looking for redemption by trying to find the daughter he once thought dead You can play the demo right now during PAX Online, which will run until September 20th, 2020[...]
Ysbryd Games Announces No Place For Bravery For Q1 2021
This game has apparently been in development since 2016 with Glitch Factory and has gone through a couple different incarnations until now The game is now a top-down action-RPG that explores the lengths a parent would go to find their child in a war-torn world Which, we might add, looking at the screenshots and the[...]