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The Good Asian #3 Preview
The Good Asian by Pornsak Pichetshot and Alexandre Tefenkgi was announced as a comic book series from Image Comics earlier in the year, at the height of the news covering anti-Asian hate in America It was launched during Asian-American and Pacific Island Heritage month The comic got good write-ups, sold out and went to second printings[...]
PrintWatch: Image Comics Gives BTGTF Offer To Shops For Second Prints
And also making the print runs of second printings a little moe financially savvy. The comics currently part of that are Ice Cream Man #24, The Good Asian #1, Radiant Black #4 and Time After Time #1 Herw are the listings and covers where available. ICE CREAM MAN #24 2ND PTG (MR) IMAGE COMICS APR218629 (W) W Maxwell Prince (A)[...]
Good Asian #1 Review: Save A Table In Awards Season
The Good Asian #1 is a dazzling work of historical fiction may play as cop-aganda, but in every panel, in every detail is a masterwork of craft and shows you a number of details about American history that many might not know This doesn't rely as deeply on the "yellow peril" stereotypes as Charlie Chan[...]