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Black Mass Rising: A Plodding Dracula Sequel with Pretty Art
Black Mass Rising is a very pretty book, a gothic horror that takes place a year after the supposed death of Count Dracula In Transylvania, a new demonic entity begins to terrorise a remote town, causing death in its wake, but a mysterious healer and Mina Murray arrive to prevent the rising darkness, the triumph[...]
Graveneye: TKO Previews New Horror Graphic Novel for Halloween
The poses and anatomy are stiff; the faces are often inconsistent and, overall, lack the lushness and elegance needed to convey the immersive atmosphere needed for this type of fairy tale gothic horror The characters' hands are especially awkwardly-drawn, and in a story where touch is a major thematic, dramatic and visual recurrence, that is[...]
Doctor Who: "Pyramids of Mars", BBC Studios
Scarman has brought Sutekh's sarcophagus back to his estate where the alien plans to use his robots, disguised as mummies, and human agents to escape and destroy the universe. A Jumping-on Point for the 4th Doctor This story encapsulates the classic era of 1970s Doctor Who better than any 4th Doctor story where the show combined Gothic[...]
Gothic Horror Panel: The Ten Gothic Horror Movies You Must See
On August 4, Castle Bridge Media presented a panel on mid-century Gothic horror films featuring leading voices in horror fiction and commentary The panel was made in celebration of the release of the book Nightwalkers, a new look at Gothic horror ranging from the films of Britain's Hammer Studios, home of Christopher Lee's Dracula and[...]