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Full Marvel Comics March 2022 Solicits And Solicitations
Following in the footsteps of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, Hulk is the next Marvel superhero to have his entire continuity retold in a single comic with Hulk Grand Design That begins in March with Hulk Grand Design: Monster #1, a new comic by Jimm Rugg that tells the full saga of Hulk from[...]
Fantastic Four Grand Design #2 [Preview]
Fantastic Four Grand Design #2 by Tom Scioli is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, concluding the entire history of the Fantastic Four in just two issues. Which just goes to show what a sucker you are if you've paid for 650+ issues of their comics individually Man, did you get ripped off! This issue begins[...]
Tom Scioli Explore's Fantastic Four Grand Design at Marvel
Following up on Ed Piskor's X-Men: Grand Design, Tom Scioli will explore the Fantastic Four's history as a single narrative in Fantastic Four: Grand Design Marvel announced the project EX-X-XCLUSIVELY via media partner, and Scioli followed it up by chatting about it with Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg on Cartoonist Kayfabe on YouTube: can't[...]