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George R. R. Martin Marvel Fanboy Says YAY for Captain Marvel

George R. R. Martin, Marvel Fanboy, Says "YAY" for 'Captain Marvel'

Martin (website)[/caption]Most recently, GRRM "Grandpa George" took to his Not-A-Blog to talk about Marvel Studios' current box office giant, Captain Marvel."Thanos is in trouble now," he says, among other observations about the film that semi-count as spoilers if you HAVEN'T SEEN THE FILM YET.Read that? SPOILER WARNING.Okay, on to what GRRM said about Captain Marvel: The newest Marvel[...]

George R R Martin "Never Anticipated" 'Game of Thrones' Show Would Get Ahead of the Books

We refer to him as Grandpa George sometimes, because he really has taken on the mantle of the wise and (at times) curmudgeon keeper of the Game of Thrones tales.[caption id="attachment_868388" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: George R R Martin (website)[/caption]He also apparently can be so idealistic that he didn't think HBO's Game of Thrones tv series would ever[...]