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Bill Sienkiewicz New Cover for Comics For Ukraine: Sunflower Seeds
Go to for more details and pledge for your copies.  Copies can be ordered and delivered worldwide, except likely in Russia. The original press release is below: COMICS FOR UKRAINE: SUNFLOWER SEEDS BENEFIT ANTHOLOGY RAISES OVER $100,000 IN FIRST WEEK Colleen Doran, Greg Hildebrandt and Joe Jusko Join the Project as Campaign Nears End of Second Week of[...]
Stephen Mooney's Bettie Page: Tomb Raider Comic With Greg Hildebrandt
Stephen Mooney's Bettie Page: Tomb Raider Comic With Greg Hildebrandt The Bettie Page comic will come with a selection of covers to choose from by Greg Hildebrandt, Stephen Mooney, Marat Mychaels, and photo variants But probably no cover choice that will lead to anything like last summer's apology tour. Stephen Mooney's Bettie Page: Tomb Raider Comic Deep in[...]
Gail Simone's Mystery Unboxing Leads To "Absolute Joy Meltdown"
No porch is THAT magic. I can't stop looking at it! The photos do NOT come close to doing this justice. 'Hey, Gail, how was your day? Anything interesting happen?' 'oh, not much, did some gardening, bought groceries, and a COMPLETE STRANGER SENT ME A GREG HILDEBRANDT PAINTING OF CAPTAIN AMERICA THAT I WILL TREASURE FOR THE[...]
Greg Hildebrandt
It's master artist Greg Hildebrandt He chose this piece personally for the cause, Captain America raising his fist I am out of words." And the money goes to the Boys And Girls Club of America, a charity he really believes in that helps urban youth in particular. 3 For #ComicWritersChallenge From Greg Hildebrandt, Walt Simonson, David[...]
Watch The Legendary Greg Hildebrandt Get Creative With Harley Quinn In NYC On November 19
New York area fans, get yourselves to Metropolis Gallery on Saturday, November 19 to watch a true (Jedi?) master paint his Harley Quinn live at their Greg Hildebrandt Signature Series Signing & Painting Demonstration. You may remember that back in September Mark told you about the retrospective exhibition and it's opening party at the gallery[...]