Grip Digital

Mothergunship Releases Demo for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

If you've been looking to try out Mothergunship before you buy it, now you have a chance -- Grip Digital has released a demo for the game on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One The developer updated their description of the game to include info on the demo, which we have for you below But[...]

'The Solus Project' Drops A Launch Trailer Before Hitting PS4

To celebrate the release, Teotl Studios and GRIP Digital have released this launch trailer for you to enjoy!Today, The Solus Project comes to the PlayStation 4 with PSVR, after already being out on Xbox One and PC as a spiritual successor to The Ball The story is based on survival as you're looking for a[...]

I Love To Build My Gun In 'Mothergunship' At PAX West

Created by Terrible Posture Games and Grip Digital, this is essentially a bullet-hell customization game You'll start by running through levels and killing off all of the enemies in your path, then you'll get to a shop THe show will allow you, based on the materials you collected, to add onto your gun and enhance it[...]