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Which Pokémon To Use Charged TMs on in Pokémon GO
As a part of our Guides to Pokémon GO at Bleeding Cool, this breakdown of the best move to give the best Pokémon of each type will help players optimize both their bag space and their teams Keep in mind, "best" is subjective, as many Pokémon GO trainers have different goals[...]
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Wands Up, Witches! Bleeding Cool's Guide to The CAOS
To keep you in-the-know and caught up to speed before your binge dive (and before you screen our reviews starting tomorrow and running through Halloween), your friends at Bleeding Cool have your "one-stop-shopping" info guide to Sabrina's chilling adventures: trailers, character profiles, featurettes, and more! Trailers/Teasers/Sneak Previews Here's a look at the official trailer and teasers for[...]