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Which Pokémon To Use Charged TMs On In Pokémon GO

Many Pokémon GO trainers have Charged TMs by the dozen in their Item Bags, eating up space. As a part of our Guides to Pokémon GO at Bleeding Cool, this breakdown of the best move to give the best Pokémon of each type will help players optimize both their bag space and their teams. Keep in mind, "best" is subjective, as many Pokémon GO trainers have different goals. This guide will help maximize overall damage output, prioritizing the best overall attackers, so don't look to this one for your Great or Ultra League teams for GO Battle League. Raiders, PVP players focused on Master League and Premiere league, and trainers looking for the most powerful overall Pokémon, though, read on.

Charged TMs in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Charged TMs in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

As a note, before we get into our list, know that Charged TMs don't currently offer a list of moves to pick from. They will switch to an available Charged Attack in that Pokémon's moveset at random. It isn't unheard of that attempts to get Pokémon the correct move may eat through ten or more TMs, so be sure not to overestimate your stock: these TMs will go quicker than you'd think.


Regigigas with Giga Impact.


Lucario with Aura Sphere.


Reshiram with Overheat.


Kyogre with Surf.


Roserade with Grass Knot.


Rayquaza with Aerial Ace. Moltres has a terrific Flying-type Charged Attack, but it's unfortunately a Legacy Move that cannot be obtained without an Elite Charged TM.

Which are the top Pokémon to treat with Charged TMs in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Which are the top Pokémon to treat with Charged TMs in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic


Roserade again or Victreebel, both with Sludge Bomb.


Zekrom with Wild Charge.


Groudon with Earthquake.


Latios with Psystrike, though the absolute best Psychic-type attackers are Mewtwo and Alakazam with the move Psychic, but those can only be obtained through Elite Charged TMs.


Rayquaza again with Outrage.


Galarian Darmanita with Avalanche.


Rampardos with Rock Slide.


Scizor with X-Scissor


Darkrai with Dark Pulse.


Giratina Origin Forme with Shadow Ball.


Dialga with Iron Head, but the best overall is Metagross with Meteor Mash, which can only be obtained through either Elite TM or evolving a Beldum or Metang up to Metagross on the December Recap Community Day.


Gardevoir with Dazzling Gleam.

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