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Dexter Plays It Safe Big Poppa Trump Dead Endings and More [The Weekly Static s01e36]

Dexter Plays It Safe, Big Poppa Trump, 'Dead' Endings, and More! [The Weekly Static s01e36]

and a talking penguin, chicken and pig to go on zany adventures with.https://youtu.be/9MZT-1gREL0‘Dead’ Man Blogging: Bleeding Cool’s The Walking Dead Finale/Fear the Walking Dead Premiere Live-Blog!Night Court’s Harry Anderson Dead at the Age of 65Claire Danes Says Homeland Will End After Season 8Impact Wrestling Star Scott Steiner Wonders Who Will Cut Grass if Trump Deports[...]

Stephen King Has Had A Pretty Good Run On TV Actually

Stephen King Has Had A Pretty Good Run On TV, Actually

It would be a long time before a 9-year-old me would go anywhere near any old abandoned houses after seeing this one.It (1990)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5JO8wtNnzQDirected by Tommy Lee Wallace (Halloween III:Season of the Witch) as a four-part, eight-hour miniseries for ABC, It has two major things going for it: a cast that's like a "who's who" of[...]