Harvey Comics Archives

Speed Comics #44 (Harvey, 1947)
The post-World War II era was a time of transition for all American comic book publishers.  Many were pulling back on their superhero titles, and experimenting with a wide variety of other types of material to see what might be the next big thing.  In 1946, Harvey launched a number of new series including Stuntman,[...]
Black Cat Mystery #37 (Harvey, 1952)
Why? What could cause a transformation such as this? The ghastly creature of ebony has prepared stories so chilling, so weird, so wild — that it purrs with the satisfaction with a job well done!" Such was the introduction to the letters column of Black Cat Mystery #37, which unusually enough appeared on the first[...]
Juna Group Abandons Trademark Application for Harvey Comics
The Juna Group of Newburyport, Massachusetts, has abandoned a trademark application for the term Harvey Comics, after being challenged by Classic Media The trademark application was for Comic books; Children's books; Coloring books and was made back in May After much paperwork went back and forth between the Juna Group and the US Government, a[...]
The Torture Rack: Royal Roy, A Prince of A Boy
By Jared Cornelius While digging through back issue bins at a flea market I was struck with a bit of inspiration.  After coming across a stack of comics that would best be described as worthless, I thought to myself who would read these?  Why would anyone publish these?  Most importantly though was what if I was to[...]